Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Math Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Math - Lab Report Example Grade Book button contains grades of the completed quizzes and tests. Expand Chapter content button it populates more tabs with the heading of the chapters and their details. Expand Tools of Success button contain the helping tools, help, support and suggestions. Multimedia Library Button Contains access to multimedia resources available for our textbooks. Pearson Tutor Service contains access to Pearson Tutor Services for personalized, detailed assistance with what we are learning. Discussion button currently doesn’t contain anything right now but it the place where students can discuss issues in their assignments. Expand Course Tools menu to access item such as email, the Class Live chat environment, document sharing, and instructor tools. In homework section, homework for different chapters is placed in different icons buttons. Assignments for different chapters are also accessible in this section. This section also contains questions for chapters and can provide help in solving these questions. For example, the interactive graphic tools is provided in Chapter 1 Homework Objective 1 question 1, by which student can easily solve such questions. Te basic aim of this section is to provide various tools that can be utilised while solving questions. For example the graphic calculator can be utilized while working with a data set. It requires entering the data and then using the calculator various statistical analyses can be done on the given data set and all such info is provided in the ‘Graphing Calculator Help’ and the ‘review’ tab provides summarised content that may be needed while dealing with mathematical problems. ‘Support for technology’ tab also includes useful guides for using the graphic calculator and working on MS Excel. ‘The extended applications tab provides various case studies where the mathematical tools are utilised for solving problems in the real world. The mathematical application in the management

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