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Discuss the causes and effects of cancer. To what extent is cancer Essay

Discuss the causes and effects of cancer. To what extent is cancer prevention the individual's responsibility Provide researc - Essay Example Statistics indicate that in 2007, cancer led to the death of about 7.6 million people in the world Main Body Paragraphs 1 Topic What are the causes of cancer? Topic sentence The main causes of cancer are genetic factors, tobacco, exposure to radiations, physical inactivity, and unhealthy diets Development points When DNA in a gene is damaged or undergoes mutation, the gene may also get damaged thereby affecting cell division negatively. Cancer may also affect an individual due to a genetic predisposition that is inherited from members of the family. Tobacco smoking is commonly associated with pancreas, stomach, kidney, and lung cancer. Exposure to radiations (ionizing and non-ionizing) can cause cancer in different pats of the body. Studies have shown that between 30 and 35 percent of cancer deaths are related to obesity, diet, and sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity Concluding Sentence There are several causes of cancer. There are also factors that increase the risk of having cancer. Main Body Paragraphs 2 Topic Effects of Cancer Topic sentence There are several negative effects of cancer Death Pain Side effects of treatment Loss of livelihoods Development points: Cancer is a leading cause of deaths across the world. ... mouth cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer can be prevented by avoiding the smoking of tobacco and consumption of alcohol Skin cancer on the other hand can be prevented by avoiding exposure to the sun’s rays Avoid contact with radiations and carcinogens Eat diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits and low in salt and fat Get vaccination Exercise the body regularly Concluding Sentence Prevention of cancer is closely related to its causes. Individuals have a responsibility to play in preventing cancer attacks in their body Conclusion Topic sentence In conclusion Summary points: Cancer is a group of deadly diseases that kill many There are more than 100 different types of cancers The main causes of cancer include radiations, unhealthy diet, genetic predisposition, and physical inactivity. Cancer can be prevented by engaging in physical exercises, eating healthy diets, avoiding radiations, tobacco, alcohol and other caseinogens. Individuals play a big role in preve nting cancer infections Causes and Effects of Cancer Introduction Cancer is a wide group of ailments characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer causes harm to the body when cells that are damaged divide without regulation to form tumors (with the exception of leukemia). A tumor can develop to the point of interfering with the circulatory, nervous or digestive systems according to Medical News Today (2013). They can also harm the body by releasing hormones that change body functions. When a tumor stays in one location and grows to a limited extent, it is often considered to be benign. Malignant tumors which are more dangerous form either when cancerous cells invade and destroy healthy tissues as they move though the body via the nymph systems or blood, or when they divide and develop to a

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