Friday, February 7, 2020

Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Speech - Essay Example Despite the infinite challenges, namely, being a non- English speaker, he fought fiercely and accomplished his dreams. In essence, Pulitzer is a central figure who tremendously helped in refashioning both the American media and politics. Even though, there are other people who assisted him in bringing reforms, his contribution is much felt even at the present moment. The manner in which journalism is consumed today, the very concept of its purchasing, the writing technique used, and the style applied among others are some of the contributions that Pulitzer provided in changing American Media and politics. In a way, he seems unfit for the role he played, because, at first he was a non – English immigrant, and that was the reason he joined St. Louis to learn German, and later interested in Immigrant politics. This was during the 19th century when Journalism and Politics were two different things in America. Â  During this time, journalism and politics were two a spects that never converged. For this reason, Pulitzer acted as a reformer. He purposed to transform and reshape journalism and politics since he believed this were two concepts that really mattered in reshaping the entire American human race. He intended to give journalism a new style of writing, since he believed that this would assist in fighting corruption that had crept into the government and the society. He published information that he deemed was important and that could disclose any corrupt deals in the government. He regarded journalism as a way that could bring reforms into the American society. In addition, we also learn that, American politics was reshaped through journalism. Every dark recess in the political government was disclosed for the purpose of accountability and transparency. This was very swift and many people were fascinated and interested to read newspapers

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