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Effectiveness of Advertising Essay

DEFINITION: Advertising is the non personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. MEANING: Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional including mass media such as newspaper, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as blogs, websites or text messages. CONCEPT: The word advertising is derived from the Latin word, â€Å"adverto† â€Å"ad† meaning towards and â€Å"verto† means to turn. Literally it means turning people’s attention to a particular or specific thing. Advertisements are sometimes spoken of as the nervous system of the business world. As nervous system is very important in human body so it is vital in business world. Advertising is multidimensional. It can be viewed as a form of communication, as a component of an economic system, and as a means of financing the mass media Different kinds of businesses use advertising to motivate different kinds of markets toward different kinds of responses ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS The main â€Å"actors† related to the effectiveness in the advertising activities are consumer, advertisement, product/service, medium, and environment. The advertising effectiveness can be studied from the different manifestations of these actors. * Consumers are audience of the advertisement and potential purchasers of the product or service. Many models of consumer behaviour have been developed to measure the advertising effectiveness. For example, in the attitude model in the effects of advertising on consumers can be described as a sequence of stages or steps that begins with an awareness of the existence of what is being advertised, through the knowledge on what the product or service has to offer, favourable attitudes, preference over all other possibilities, and the conviction that the purchase would be wise, and finally culminates in the actual purchase of the product or service. * Advertisement in a traditional sense can influence the consumer behaviour. In new media advertising on the Internet, the advertisement can be influenced by the consumer behaviour as well to manifest the effectiveness. For example, click through rates of banner advertising on the web can be used to measure its effectiveness. * Product/service represents the motivation of the advertising. Advertising is often used to try to increase sales of a product or the use of a service, to improve the firm’s â€Å"corporate image†: to persuade people that the company is benevolent and trustworthy, or to change people’s behaviour such as anti-smoking. So the advertising effectiveness can be also measured through the achievements of the motivation, such as the profit and the brand value. * Medium is the carrier of the advertising message. The principal media may be classified as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, direct mail, Internet, outdoor and so on. The first criterion for effectiveness is that sufficient numbers of the target audience should get to see or hear the advertisement, which is mostly decided by the nature of the medium. 1.2 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY PREMIER HOME APPLIANCES wanted to know the effectiveness of their advertisement on their customers in order to improvise their advertising strategies. 1.3 PROBLEM DEFINITION To study the effectiveness of advertisement of premier home appliances 1.4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY * To find the advertising effectiveness of premier home appliances * To evaluate the influence made by the advertisement on the customers purchase decision. * To find whether the advertisement has reached the customers. * To find which media impact made a huge impact. * To know whether advertisement creates brand identity among customers. * To know whether advertising creates awareness and belief about the product to customers. 1.5 HYPOTHESIS: Inspite of having an impressive advertisement they found it to be not convincing. 1.6 INDUSTRY PROFILE: Home Appliances are that without which a modern home is considered incomplete, especially in urban areas. We have become so used to some of the home appliances that it seems difficult to live without them. Indeed, they have made our life more comfortable and easier than ever. In metro cities and big towns, such household appliances are regarded as a boon, as they are instrumental in cutting down the time involved in most of the domestic chores. This is really a great help since people often find it difficult to keep a balance between professional obligation and household needs. HOMEAPPLIANCES PRODUCTS: Products such as microwave ovens, juicer- mixer- grinder, fully automatic washing machines, and frost- free refrigerators are the most popular category of home appliances. This is because they have made the work of housewives less tiresome and more enjoying. Most of the domestic appliances are useful in various kitchen related jobs and hence are termed as kitchen appliances. Gas stoves, toasters, microwave ovens, mixer & grinders, juicers & blenders, rotti makers, refrigerators, water purifiers are some of the most common kitchen appliances in India. Besides, there is a category of electronic products that have become an integral part of modern houses. These are air conditioners, fans, room coolers, room heaters, geysers, electrical irons etc. HOMEAPPLIANCES COMPANIES IN INDIA There are many Home Appliance companies in India like premier, pigieon, butterfly etc. Apart from them there are various international companies also that deal in domestic appliances. Some of these home appliances manufacturers are Samsung, LG, IFB, Whirlpool, and Kenmore etc. With the arrival of international brands in Indian market, the competition among rival companies has become stiff. Since, a majority of products are electrically operated; the focus is on such household appliances that are efficient in power consumption.| HOME APPLIANCES STORES Most of the leading home appliances manufacturers and companies have set up their exclusive retail outlets in important towns and cities of the country. Besides, there are local home appliances suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers spread throughout India. Apart from that Home Appliances stores and shops are located in every locality, which let you compare products of different companies before buying and also let you buy all kinds of home appliance products at one place. Some manufacturers also offer after sale service, and if needed, repair the damaged parts of your electronic products. So here you will find the sites of some of the leading Home Appliances manufacturers and suppliers 1.7 COMPANY PROFILE: Sivanesan CEO- Sivanesan Group of Companies â€Å"Sivanesan group of companies believes in bringing quality products to over customers, right from its inception. No wonder, we have internalized high standards of quality in over business functions. The results are there for everyone to see in the form of remarkable levels of â€Å"customer satisfaction† and â€Å"business trustworthiness†. â€Å"Quality isn’t something that can be argued in a brochure or promised to a client. It must be there in your product. If it isn’t there, the finest sales talk in the world can not act as a substitute. At Sivanesan group of companies we have always believed in quality of our products, of our workforce, of our processes, of our management and in every aspect of our business relationship. Quality, at Sivanesan group of companies, is never an accident; it is always a result of high intentions, sin care effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. The Sivanesan group is one of India’s largest and m ost respected business conglomerates in the home appliances sector. Premier the group well established brand founded in 1974 by Sivanesan, CEO of Sivanesan group of companies, since then the group has mentioned firm and impressive escalation. Today the group successfully manages as many as seven full-fledged manufacturing units above and beyond marketing and export divisions. The premier range of products is crowning almost the entire requirements of a modern kitchen. This can be seeing by the actually that we manufacture over 32 products under the premier brand tree. The most momentous being the vast reservoir of well trained, highly energized team of over 400 professionals and technicians. In addition to this premier’s R&D efforts persistently improve manufacturing methods to enhance the premium placed on its products. Moreover, they have invested valuable time and resource to bring their manufacturing practices in line with the most excellent in the world. This includes the installation of the most up-to-date machineries and processes. Premier pressure cookers come to your after years of research and development and offer the healthiest mode of cooking by conserving vital nutrients, vitamins and energy. Premier’s multiple facility system, built in to every one of its cookers, ensures increased safety and reliability in the long run. The aesthetic appeal of the streamlined exteriors and superior overall design help conservation of precious energy and time through quick, even heating. Underwriters laboratories inc (UL) is an independent not for profit organization, which in its 107-years-old history has dedicated itself to the cause of safety and quality service. UL is headquartered in the USA and has a network, which spans 89 countries across the globe offering manufactures, the world over unlimited access to the most lucrative markets. As per available estimate approximately 16 billion marks appeared from amongst 18,000 products in 1999 alone. UL certification symbolizes a commitment to continually offer saf er products to customers the world over. Premier cooker has now been accorded this prestigious certification for safety excellence on its cooker. A momentous occasion for the premier group and recognition for the safety standards it has been following for over three decades since its inception. The premier range of products covers almost the entire requirement of modern kitchen. With emphasis on quality, safety and product innovation, premier has been able to win the hearts of the Indian housewives and be reckoned as a leader in the kitchenware market. Today, premier manufactures over 32 products in 97 variations. Premier products are also exported to markets in Europe, west Asia, south east Asia, America, Australia, and Africa. Underwriters laboratories (UL) of USA and bureau of Indian standards (ISI) has certified premier’s automatic rice cookers and pressure cookers. Premiers attractive pressure cooker range include a wide verity of material and design options including Aluminum, HARD-ANODIZED, SS copper-bottom and SS sandwich bottom with unmatched durability, performance and style, the premier pressure cooker is quite truly the heart of any modern kitchen. Presented below are the different versions and models of the premier’s automatic rice cooker. Among other top selling range from premier are stainless steel copper bottom pressure cooker, mixi, multi-steamer, regular cookware and the LPG stove and many more. All that they are giving is to make cooking the comfortable, safe and economical for the housewives. Now to find out the ultimate safety symbol in kitchenware, look out for premier’s pressure cooker. In short, premier one of the premier brands in kitchen appliances, brings to its consumers cooking solutions that are not only considered â€Å"red-hot†. When it comes to standards related to product safety, there is the trust of lakes of premiers customer’s world over they have and the (UL) certification 1.8LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY * Time constraint was the biggest limitation. The project had to be completed within 2 months and hence the sample size had to be lesser. * One problem that every interviewer faces is the willingness of the customers in filling up the questionnaire. * Validity of information obtained from the respondents was a major drawback. 1.9 SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study is expected to identify whether it has reached the target audience and thus, can find the gap that is to be improvised. CHAPTER-II REVIEW OF LITERATURE According to Weilbacher (1984), this ability to jumble all of what one knows about a product or a company together with selected elements from one’s life experience is the essence of Creativity in Advertising. The degree or level of Advertising C:reativity is definitely related to the Advertising Effectiveness. To assess the effectiveness of advertisements, there have been two streams of research (Jeong, 2004). One stream of research focuses on the psychological aspects of advertising impact and the other focuses on the sales and market response aspects of advertising effects. Neslin(2002) found that other variables like sales promotion can have a significant influence on the advertising and sales relationship and consider such variables responsible for inconsistent results in previous studies on the effectiveness of advertisements. The behavioral perspective of advertising effectiveness provides insight into the antecedents of consumer behavior like attitude, recall and brand choice. It, therefore, supersedes in importance than the market and sales response method of advertising this is also more important as it is more consistent with the marketing concept which focuses on the final consumer as a fundamental business philosophy (Ang,Lee & Leong, 2007). Consistent with such views, Lucas and Britt (1963 cited in KocabiyikoÄŸlu, 2004) stated quite earlier that the basic purpose of advertising is to provide information about the actual receivers of advertisements that are instrumental in the selection of appropriate advertising strategies. This ultimately improves the effectiveness of advertisement and hence will positively affect the market result. The behavioral perspective of advertising effectiveness concerns how people perceive, process, respond to, and use advertising information in making purchase decision about certain product or service (Jeong, 2004). Similarly, attitude as another measure of advertising effectiveness is important because it is related to how consumers evaluate the advertised products. A strong positive attitude towards a product means that the person may buy the brand in future (Wells etal., 2003). As Mitchell and Olson (1981) state that as attitudes are relatively stable and enduring predispositions to behave, they should be useful predictors of consumers ’behavior towards a product or service. Gresham and Shimp (1985) consider attitude as an attempt to influence consumers’ choice. Advertising recall is a memorability test that determines how viewers remember something specific about the advertisement and the brand (Wells et al., 2003). Recall can be aided as well as unaided (Till & Baack, 2005). CHAPTER-III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research is a systematic method of finding solutions to problems. It is essentially an investigation, a recording and an analysis of evidence for the purpose of gaining knowledge. According to Clifford woody, â€Å"research comprises of defining and redefining problem, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, collecting, organizing and evaluating data, reaching conclusions, testing conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulated hypothesis† In other words, research methodology is simply the plan of action for a research which explains in detail how data is to be collected, analyzed and interpreted RESEARCH DESIGN: The study is descriptive in nature. Data were collected through questionnaire and processed. Analyzing using various statistical tools like tabulation percentage and relationship chart. TOOLS USED: To analyses and to arrive at a conclusion as to how the professional view has changed the environment suitable statistical techniques are to be employed. The research has been done by using following tools. Percentage, Tabulation, Pie chart, Bar chart No. of respondents Percentage = ——————————- x 100 Sample size PERIOD OF SURVEY: The duration of the study has been for the two months. SAMPLE SIZE : For these study 60 consumers where taken as the sample size to collect the detailed data DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES 1.Primary data 2.Secondary data The techniques that was used by the researcher for collecting primary data was the questionnaire method. The researcher has used the structure form of the questionnaire with the close us open-end question. The researcher has collected primary data from the respondents and secondary data from post research. Face to face method secondary data was also adopted to have additional information. QUESTIONNAIRE Questionnaire is a special practice to prepare a schedule of questions or a questionnaire for interviewing a person. As such, the set of questions prepared are of two types: A set of questions prepared by the interviewer and is asked by the interviewer during an interview is the first kind. It is a set of questions administered by the interviwer in interview. A set of questions prepared by the interviewer and is given to the person being interviewed and filled in by the interviwee: the person giving interview. In either case, data can be gathered and then analyzed. The two are being used in geography, especially in field work research. There is a kind as well. Some researchers have prepared such schedules of questions of questionnaires , evaluated them and then standardized them as well.

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