Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Marketing 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Marketing 1 - Essay Example This program is interactive in nature, and the company is able to collect any information that can help it to improve on their services for purposes of satisfying the various needs of its customers. Customers of the organization can also use the company’s website to book for airline tickets, check for any information concerning their flights, and also interact with the strategic partners of Virgin Atlantic, such as the Alamo car hire firm. The airline company has also introduced the technological mobile App that makes it possible for the customers of the organization to track and check on any information that pertain to their travelling (Crane, 2010). Through these marketing strategies, the airline company has made travelling to be fun, simple, and convenient. They have also helped to create a relationship between the company, and its customers. This is one of the philosophies contained in new-era orientation, and marketing concept. It is important to denote that the value that the airline company has created for its customers is the ability of its customers to travel in comfort, while also having fun. The airline company has managed to create this value, through the use of effective communication, between the company, and its target customers. The channels of communication occur through the company’s website, which is interactive in nature. One of the ethical issues facing the company is the conservation of the environment, through reduction of green house gases. It is important to understand that the airline company contributes to a great extent on the emission of carbon green house gases. This in turn contributes to a great extent on the concept of global warming, and climatic change. The management of Virgin Atlantic realizes this issue, and they have invested heavily on research, for purposes of finding alternative fuels, that can help the company to reduce the emission of these gases. A social issue that the company faces is its

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