Friday, October 18, 2019

The Impact of Sustainable Development Is Negligible Because It Is Essay

The Impact of Sustainable Development Is Negligible Because It Is Impossible to Translate Into Legal And Binding Obligations - Essay Example This article stresses that the presentation and the examination of the issues involved with the sustainable development as it can be observed in most human activities lead to the assumption that the creation of a ‘legal net’ that could provide an effective protection regarding all aspects of the above activity, should be regarded as a very difficult task. Moreover, although a lot of efforts have been made towards this direction, the relevant national and international legal texts have been proved in many cases inadequate to cover the demands of the relevant area. Violations of the law related with the sustainable development are a characteristic part of human activities around the world. The case of Baltic States and the violations of the laws referring to the forestry regulation is an example of current practice in the area of sustainable development. This paper makes a conclusion that most issues related with the above activity are covered at a primary or even secondary level (low to mid level protection), a fact that should be considered as a significant achievement given the complexity and the extension of sustainable development. In any case, the regulation of all the aspects of a specific human activity is a target that has not been achieved in any social or scientific area so the efforts made up to this point regarding the specific subject have to be evaluated as an important achievement comparing to all other areas of human activity.

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