Monday, October 7, 2019

Labor unions. Workers, Industrialization and Happiness Essay

Labor unions. Workers, Industrialization and Happiness - Essay Example Reaction from family The movie brings out the aspect of the different family members' reaction to one’s involvement in union activities. After hearing Reuben’s speech Norma starts participating in union formation activities. This invokes negative reactions in her husband who feels Norma is not spending enough time with her family (Canby). In a way, this shows that he has some resistance to the idea of her involvement in the movement. However, his opinion changes with time with Sonny, Norma’s husband, telling her that he loves her and supports all decisions. Her father is also opposed to the idea of the movement seeking to form a union among the workers of the mill. This is because of he is a stockholder which makes him wary of the union. Her mother who works in the mill is also apathetic which is not expected of her (Canby). This shows the lack of support from family members and relatives when advocating for the formation of unions and improvement of working cond itions, which discourages the formation of the movements. Winning the battle The aspect of finally winning the struggle in the form of union formation and better working conditions is also brought out. The struggle for labor rights is usually an uphill task that is not for the faint hearted (Canby). A large number of challenges pose the threat of derailing the process. However, with deep emotional strengths that inspire courage and a complex network of feelings for the workers being ill-treated the activists almost always succeed in their endeavors to see improved rights in the labor sector of industries maintained by unions. This is the case in the movie where Norma ends up with a post in the cotton mill union. II. Workers, Industrialization and Happiness Researchers have made a... Labor unions. Workers, Industrialization and Happiness The American labor sector of today contrasts greatly with the labor sector of the early industrial days. The movements drew clear lines between the management of the industries and the labor aspects that based on the issues between the two. This was aimed to advocate for the improvement of their working conditions. It is sentiments like these that the screenwriters and the director of the movie â€Å"Norma Rae† shared and sought to evoke among the audience. The movie highlights the processes and trials experienced in the starting of a workers union (Canby). It shows that although the start of worker unions is marred by challenges, their successful formations eventually result in improved labor conditions. Challenges to labor union formations Victimization The employers victimize the founding figures of trade unions when they start advocating for the rights of the workers. The movie gives a clear illustration of this aspect that is replicated in nearly all scenarios involving t he establishment of labor unions. After hearing a speech from Rueben Warshowsky, Norma decides to unionize her workmates. This does not augur well with the managers of the cotton mill, who confront her (Canby). Researchers have made a distinction on the definition of happiness as a short-term state of lighting up of the mind depending on the temperament of a person and the external factors associated with the person.

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