Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Healthcare system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Healthcare system - Essay Example Each organization faces different challenges. Hence, the articles discusses what can be done to rectify the trials in the healthcare industry. The two changes that will impact this is healthcare reform such as HIPAA and the Medicare issue that is lingering. There are many implication for this marketing strategy since the market is heavily segmented. One of the heavy reflections that was taken from the article is the administration of Social Security within the context of HIPAA. This strategy is more for a standardized approach and does not cater to an individual organization. Hence, a more integrated approach is needed in order to understand and acknowledge the perspectives all stakeholders is illogical because every case is different. The second implication is the tax implications that healthcare organizations may face with new health plans. The role of states health departments is to provide maternal and child health care. State and local health departments must take a proactive approach to not only collect information, which can be an extremely critical situation for medical personnel. Even though it is almost to estimate the cost of fraudulent claims, taxpayers have to atone for the financial woes as their tax money is utilized. Th e worse aspect in this whole scenario is the fact that money lost to improper financial billing can be used to support lower income individuals. The lower income individuals instead have to suffer as a result of fraudulent claims. Health care marketers will play a role in helping their organizations by ensuring that technology and business processes are placed. Another important aspect within the realm of 120,000 eligible healthcare professionals and more than 3,300 hospitals have qualified to participate, which allows a seamless access of patients to extract their information online â€Å"outpatient lab reporting† as a menu

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