Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Book Report on Guerrilla Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Book Report on Guerrilla Marketing - Essay Example Levinson (2007) brings to light the view that he was motivated to write this work after having being disappointed by the fact that he could find the right pieces of work to conduct his research. After purchasing numerous books, and still not having enough content, is the story behind the work of Levinson. In his work, he indicates that it is mandatory that the entrepreneurs come up with measures of identifying opportunities in the market, and finding out the best approaches to apply to fill in the gaps. It is from his work that Levinson (2007) hopes to come up with a chain of resources that would be beneficial to prospective businessmen. In fact, he indicates that his drive for the work on ‘Guerilla Marketing’ was driven by the fact that people with the little amounts of money had dreams of owning large businesses at all odds, and indeed turned out successful. This essay shall attempt to review Levinson’s (2007) work on ‘Guerrilla Marketing’, picking out the major points that validate this book as a must for all entrepreneurs. According to Levinson (2007), the basics of marketing include the relationship the company has, with its outside contacts. Analysts and researchers in the field of business have continually argued that the customers cannot, even at one point be alienated from the success of any form of business. Customers, in short, are the main beneficiaries of the businesses, and must always be put into perspective, while planning the businesses. Marketing, in the case of Levinson’s (2007) ‘Guerilla Marketing’ work, advocates for marketing as the major ingredient towards determining if the business will thrive or not. This is for the reason that marketing will either leave an excellent or a ghastly notion on the clients. A good impression will, without human intervention attract more clientele to the industry and vice versa. In the first chapter, ‘guerilla marketing’ has been defined as t he novel method of marketing goods and products as compared to the long-established methods. Levinson (2007) argues that conventional forms of marketing are far much too pricey as they oblige the entrepreneurs to expend a lot of money to sustain their brands. In the case of ‘guerilla marketing’, the case is dissimilar as the entrepreneurs will only be required to devote time and energy to plan the kind of marketing strategies that will lead to a triumphant dealing. This, according to Levinson is the only best way that the company can sustain their brand. Of essence, this can be described as information being the key tool to a flourishing business. Levinson (2007) clearly brings out the foundations of operation of a successful company. This, according to him, refers to aspects such as dedication that allows entrepreneurs remain unswerving in their businesses. With this, he gives a case in point of a man who was consistent in his advertising promotion on Marlboro, yet the brand was visualized as more of feminine than masculine (Levinson, 2007). With a lot of devotion on the advertiser’s side, the brand was able to survive in the market, and is one of the best suppliers of cigarettes in the globe today. In line to this dispute, it is not correct to dispute that marketing is the key to a successful business, but how unfailing the advertisers are in terms of advertising their

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