Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Third Journal Entry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Third Journal Entry - Essay Example Based on these responsibility-related considerations, the professor’s story relates to the larger story of mankind as responsibilities are laid forth for accomplishment, faces challenges in both professional and personal settings, and deserves compassion based on likely occurrence of burnout in the management of work-life balance. The audience addressed comprises of English Language learners with the purpose of introducing the personality of the professor as influenced by career choice, physical appearance, and mastery of a subject. Based on the professor’s profile above, the choice of including the age group, the human side, likely side effects of the career choice was merited by the likely assumptions students make about their professors in general. By introducing the professor’s personality and expectations within his career, the purpose of composing this profile was to give new language students an idea of what is expected of them when addressing, judging, or even responding to the professor’s questions, assignments, and other academic tasks. By providing an easy environment in everything humans do, everyone can handle their challenges appropriately while at the same time projecting the strengths towards a meaningful purpose that influences positive growth. Reflecting on observations about looks and body language, the included details from the interview questions include the professor’s exposure to burnout as well as the personal responsibility of managing work-life balance.

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