Thursday, September 12, 2019

Genetically Modified Food Speech or Presentation

Genetically Modified Food - Speech or Presentation Example There is immense turbulence in the food industry because of the adverse effects of the genetically modified foods on human body, their minimal nutritional value, and their potential to cause diseases. The high cost and lack of awareness among farmers are factors that might hinder the growth of food industry that has otherwise immense potential of growth. This report based on primary and secondary research discusses food industry’s growth in relation to a range of technological, economic, and political factors. Primary survey conducted with focus group interview was based on 4 respondents’ groups including company executives, government agencies, investors, and people. Two genetically modified food making companies’ executives were asked questions. They emphasized upon the role of technology and market dynamics in making and sale of genetically modified foods respectively. The importance of technique of production varies from one industry to another, with techniqu e being more important in the manufacturing of genetic foods, but the role of supply chain is the same in all industries. Company executives generally believe that supply chain management and logistics services are vital to food industry’s growth. Interview with the Associations 1 employee from two NGOs each were asked questions regarding food industry’s ethics. ... NGOs conduct research to minimize the possible environmental effects of genetically modified foods. NGOs are proactively ensuring food security and safety along with taking measures for environmental health and safety. Interview with Government official 1 government official was asked about the policies regarding production and distribution of genetically modified foods. He told that government obliges food manufacturers to mention the type and nutritional value of food. While there are no government-sponsored schemes of food-labelling in the US, yet the government prohibits the presence of genetically modified materials in organic foods so that it can label GMO-free foods. Government offers certification and encourages consumers to use renowned brands for their security. Government has established three levels of legislative framework for consumers’ security; one being government’s assessment of genetically modified crops for environmental and health safety, the second being government’s prohibition of sale of unsafe genetically modified foods, and the third being food labelling. Government is proactively managing genetically modified foods. Interview with Customers Companies can determine future state and plan strategically by conducting consumer survey. In this survey, 5 consumers were asked questions. Consumers don’t mind buying genetically modified foods provided that they are cheap and their nutritional value is preserved. Consumers feel confident buying genetically modified foods with governmental support and security. Consumers clearly understand the differences between organic and genetically modified foods saying that the former grown naturally while the latter are grown technologically. Consumers think that genetically

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