Monday, September 9, 2019

The Wow Factor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Wow Factor - Essay Example The themes that run throughout the article are interaction and a good story line. These may not be revolutionary, but it reminds us of the possibilities we have to relate information to children. The demand placed on teachers to improve math performance at an early age has brought with it unique approaches. Learning the basic concept of numbers at an early age can greatly facilitate the mastering of math at a later date. There is definitely a need to incorporate math into the variety of other subjects that we present to children. A child develops an interest in a number when the number becomes a character. As the story unfolds, the number is presented in a scenario that other numbers interact with, or present a problem that demands a solution. The child gets this intuitively and garners knowledge of the concept of numbers. When confronted with mathematics, they will have the mental picture and an understanding of the relationship that numbers have. It will aid in their ability to format a problem in a context that makes sense to them, and gives them a foothold in creating possible solutions. This approach to how children learn places a responsibility on the classroom teacher to be creative in their approach to education. As teachers, we need to remain cognizant of the fact that different children learn in different ways.

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