Friday, September 13, 2019

Security Contemporary Issues Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Security Contemporary Issues - Research Paper Example The paper will then explore how the issues affect security operations, make proposals for solving the identified issues, and provide necessary measures for successful implementation. Identified issues One of the major issues that face and threaten organizations’ security is the presence of hackers into private information systems. Hackers can be individuals or groups of people who illegally gain access to organizations’ systems with the ill will of extracting information. Technological revolution that has led to overreliance on technology to process and store information enhances the risk because large volumes of information are electronically compressed and stored in centralized locations in easily portable capacity. This makes it even easier for hackers, if they succeed in gaining access to the source of information, to obtain large volumes of information. Even though access to information can be gained by physically breaking into an organization’s information centre, electronic information, and communication system that is globally linked, only requires security access checks before data can be accessed from any location. Threat to information security by hackers is therefore a major problem that has been facing ever organization (Armonk, 2012). Poor technology for ensuring security against external attacks on an organization’s security is another major issue. Though major security threats have always been known to organization, the major problem has been how to tackle the threats. IBM, a security firm, identifies the use of inappropriate technology as a barrier to controlling security breaches. Either organizations lack the capacity to acquire protective technologies or they do not have the capacity to integrate available technologies to maximize security levels (Armonk, 2012). How the issues relate to and affect security operations The issues have direct relations to security operations. Since the major role of the security depa rtment is to ensure that an organization’s assets are protected, a failure in this role implies failure by the department to meet its responsibilities. While the whole organization bears the loss due to the breach, the security department is the one that is directly held accountable. Consequently, any security breach has great impacts in the operations of the security department in an organization. An immediate impact of a security breach on security operations is an induced need to respond to the breach. This is normally aimed at either stopping the breach, if it is still in progress or developing strategies for identification and elimination of vulnerabilities in the security department (Cisco, 2001). A security breach will also result into launched investigation over the nature and extent of damage caused by the breach. The department must also review the situation for measures of preventing further attacks. Another impact of security beach on the operations of the securit y department is the intrusion into the department’s activities by ‘outsiders’. The information technology department will for instance be involved in security operations. The department, especially after an electronic breach, will have to be invited to make new installations and improvements on technology systems. Law enforcement agencies will similarly be involved in the department’s operations for criminal investigations. Security breaches therefore imply induced

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