Thursday, September 26, 2019

Slave trade and the black race Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Slave trade and the black race - Essay Example With the markets of slaves being on high demand in the African continent, the methods of capturing the same slaves intensified to an extent whereby the children were enticed with sweets so as they can add up to the list of slaves. The children were visualized as persons who would carry out simple chores, for instance, cleaning the houses of the masters. In line to this argument, it is evident that the extent to which the blacks were demoralized to the trade is simply unspeakable. This can simply be discussed as an inhuman activity, that could have kept the escalating trend were it not for the intervention of the humanitarians and economist who argued against the entire concept of the slave trade. Regarding a human being as an object, and enslaving the same to a later supply in the market signifies the extent to which the Blacks were visualized. On another angle, other analysts and researchers in Black history argue that slave trade is one of the appalling crimes that have taken place in the history of the Blacks. The extent to which the Blacks experienced horror and undermine from the whites is astonishing. Diouf questions the reasons behind the continuity of the vice for a very long time and on such great extent (xiv). Additionally, questions why the same did not happen in other parts of the world, especially the new world, and why the horror had to demoralize the lives of poor Africans have always lingered in the minds of historians.

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